Study from 1 Cor. 11:5 on head covering.

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Mary's Inspirational Treasures
Delightful down home Inspirational stories about everyday life with our Heavenly Father that put a smile on the lips, gives you a chuckle, brings praise to the lips,or a tear to the eye. Clean, family rated even for the youngest reader.

Sisters of all faiths who believe in the 7th day Sabbath of Genesis 2:1-3, Fri sun down - Sat sundown.Covering not required.

Hannahs-Headcovering E-Mail list">Hannahs-Headcovering. Christian ladies of all faiths.Covering not required.



Back 2 Old Ways Forum
Co-ed. Are you self sufficient? Do you dream of going back old ways of doing things, or are you living like the days of old? Home steading, making ones own products etc. and walking down memory lane of how things were done long ago.

Genesis 7th Day E-mail forum
This list doesn't represent any Church group, it is a group of men and women that want fellowship with others of the 7th day Sabbath keeping faith. Mostly conversation is light Bible study, or Biblical based.

Sacred Name E-mail forum
Co-ed list for those that use the Hebrew names and titles.


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